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My name is Katiana Elena Urbina, I'm an artist & filmmaker from Miami, FL. 


Since I was born I navigated life with perfect physical vision, my dreams

consisted of mostly movie related scenarios.


On March 2015, I lost part of my vision due to a brain tumor. I am legally & color blind. After many months of recovery and many sessions of physical therapy,  I am here now, with a new perspective and continuing to follow my dreams.

What makes me different is my unique point of view. It's important for me to share my stories and the history behind all of my ideas. 


I'm heavily inspired by everything I love, past & present. I believe noting is impossible & that everything positive in me transmits in what I create. 

Inspiring through my work and determination is unintentional. 

Brief experience overview:

(S|2016) Miami Heat Media production intern.

Miami Lighthouse for the Blind & Visually Impaired graduate  

(2016-17) Borscht Corp fellow. 

16' AS degree: Radio & Television Broadcasting. Honors*

(2015-17) MDC TV intern

18' BAS: Film & TV. Graduate*

(2019-) Original Creator.